Lady eating soup.


If you draw a lot, you may notice unexpected connections or patterns pop up in your work—happy accidents if you like. While drawing the above lady enjoying her soup on the top-floor café of Halifax Public Library, I noticed a construction crane operating in the background. All of a sudden, they seemed to be working in tandem; as the lady carefully lifted the soup to her lips, the crane would heave its building materials. This revelation drove the drawing across the sketchbook, and the whole thing took on a life of its own.

Media: Fine brush pen.

Waiting Room.


With a new baby on the way, we spend a lot of time in various waiting rooms. On this occasion, and with sketchbook in hand, a one hour wait flew by in what seemed like ten minutes. I could only capture fleeting glimpses of the people sat directly in front when they spoke, so a lot of the time my pen just hovered above the surface of the paper, waiting to catch the moment.

Media: Brush pen.