Mike Leigh: The Whole Picture.


The untrimmed landscape format of Mike Leigh’s portrait. Hand gestures are important to study when drawing people, everyone has their own characteristic ‘sign language’. Mike Leigh for example, seemed to hold on to ideas as he formulated them—then suddenly set them free at the point of conclusion.

Portrait of Mike Leigh.

mike-leigh_by_russell_blogThe British film Director, Mike Leigh provided excellent portrait material; during the Renaissance it was fashionable to have a hermit living at the bottom of your garden, Mike Leigh would be my ideal hermit, he’s such a great character—I’d keep him well fed on fluffy mashed potatoes, washed down with strong tea, in exchange for his wisdom. Mike makes films about everyday people, actors under his direction improvise their roles tirelessly, giving the characters they play great depth. I tried to afford this portrait more depth by making initial studies of Mike from video of his appearance at Reykjavík Film Festival 2014, watching interviews with the director and some of his films—before committing to this finished piece.

Media: Indian Ink, Acrylic, and Photoshop.