Question Time from Stirling.


bbcqt_nov16_russell_webIt was a stirling Question Time from Stirling, Scotland this week. (British television programme in which the public pick the brains of a panel of politicians, journalists, etc.) It’s fun to try and hastily draw the panel, and even members of the public, who only appear for a few seconds with their questions—it’s good practice. Most elusive to draw is the programme’s long serving host David Dimbleby, who either stares head bowed into his notes, or makes quick birdlike movements. I was happy with this week’s drawing, so decided to work it up to a finished piece together with a QT inspired background. Brexit, Scottish independence, Trump, and post-truth politics were the main themes taken up by a noticeably split audience, and panel.

Media: Brush pen, and Photoshop.

The Panelist.

Greer.Portrait of the outspoken feminist, Germaine Greer. I used a combination of three different pens, and drew from video footage of last week’s Question Time. Greer recently stormed up controversy for expressing her—retrogressive—views on transgender issues. Her comments reveal a complete lack of empathy for transgender people, and only served to strengthen the daily discrimination they face.

Media: Brush pen, fine brush pen, ballpoint pen.

The Host.

host_x3_scale_up_russellA scratchy sketch of David Dimbleby, host of the long running BBC programme Question Time, which gives members of the British public an opportunity to ask their questions directly to a panel of politicians, and other public figures. The programme moves from city to city each week, and was once even recorded in a prison. Discussions often become heated, and there’s lots of venting going on, but Mr Dimbleby keeps everyone in check with his dry wit, and pointy finger.

I often draw from Question Time, aiming to catch all of the panelists on paper before the programme ends. Tonight’s programme is from Dover, first stop for many immigrants to the country, public opinion is divided on the issue of immigration, and it should make for an interesting hour.

Media: Steel nib.