The dour Icelander.

The dour Icelander.This was the last drawing I made before leaving Reykjavík, a portrait of a very dour looking local. Such men seemed to haunt the dark corners of Reykjavík cafés especially after the economic collapse there a few years ago. Sometimes they would gather together in dark clouds to discuss politics, in their very dour manner, drowning their sorrows in the blackest coffee there was.

Skjaldarmerki / Coat of arms.

skjald_webIntrepid explorers, who frequent this backwater blog, may remember a post from January 16th entitled Double vision. The post featured two drawings of the same gentleman, shown side by side. Recently, I had a eureka moment and decided to clip both drawings together into a simple animation. As you can see, the gentleman above is clearly misbehaving, ie. moving while being drawn, which can often frustrate and confuse the artist. But on this occasion the artist prevailed.

Footnote: (Shown here is Iceland’s coat of arms, a bull, eagle, dragon, and rock giant protect the land from invaders.)